Kid’s Photography Workshop at Megan Morton’s “The School”.

I will be teaching a kids photography class at Megan Morton’s, The School, during the school holidays. If you know of any little one’s who may be interested to learn about light and ways of looking at things a bit differently, please double click the link here

The School’s address is 85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery.

The Beaches Of Agnes. Directed by Agnes Varda.

Agnes Varda is the lady of French New Wave cinema, Professor at the European Graduate School whose own photography, installations and videos focus on feminist issues, social commentary and documentary realism.

I admire her greatly. Here is an autobiographical film she directed and starred in, The Beaches of Agnes.

My Japanese Tree Inventory.

Hiroshi Sugimoto. Theatres.

I am currrently in love with the work of Japanese, but New York based, photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. Below is a few of his images from the series “Theatres”.

Words_ Hiroshi Sugimoto. Stolen from his official site


I’m a habitual self-interlocutor. Around the time I started photographing at the Natural

History Museum, one evening I had a near-hallucinatory vision. The question-and-

answer session that led up to this vision went something like this: Suppose you shoot a

whole movie in a single frame? And the answer: You get a shining screen. Immediately I

sprang into action, experimenting toward realizing this vision. Dressed up as a tourist, I

walked into a cheap cinema in the East Village with a large-format camera. As soon as

the movie started, I fixed the shutter at a wide-open aperture, and two hours later when

the movie finished, I clicked the shutter closed. That evening, I developed the film, and

the vision exploded behind my eyes.

- Hiroshi Sugimoto

Back Stage. Fashion Week 2013. Rebecca Valance.

All images _ Carine Thévenau